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The Pixel Studio is formed by the idea that all your creative needs can be acquired from a single entity. In today’s world, everything is digital. From cameras and computers to medical equipment and household appliances. In the Creative realm, this includes photography as well as design services such as logos, brochures, marketing pieces and websites. Everything viewed digitally has to ultimately deal with pixels. It is from this ideology that The Pixel Studio was so appropriately named.

If it has to do with pixels, The Pixel Studio can help you.

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About the Owner

Shannon Dannettelle has had the creative bug since elementary school. Starting from Fine Arts, he has adopted his skills alongside the growing digital empire. Unlike a good majority of creative artists, Shannon had also established exceptional work ethic and an understanding of business management. Through college, Shannon had been a part of a unique business internship; learning how to run an establishment as an owner. For 5 years he processed payroll, handled inventory, company taxes, training, marketing and philanthropic events; just as an owner would.

Since 1999, Shannon has been involved in publicly traded companies as well as unique smaller ventures. During this time, his title within each company didn’t actually describe everything he contributed. Aside from holding positions as Senior Designer, Art Director or Creative Director, his contributions were also in almost every other company department. This would include Engineering, Production, IT, Customer Service, Sales, R&D and Accounting.

It is this extra experience in other fields that makes Shannon a standout from other Creative Artists. He not only creates exceptional design and photography, but he also understands and helps execute the needs and desires of each company to whom he is involved. Whether it’s completing work for any size company or just an individual, Shannon’s goal is to make everything pixel perfect for his clients. For more information about Shannon, you can view his LinkedIn profile here.


Shannon is able to clearly interpret the clients' vision through his design. His work is consistently creative and well executed. He has never let me down when I needed him in a pinch.

Nathalie de Berry Carpenter – Marketing Manager at Audi of America

I'm so happy with the outcome of my website designed by Shannon. The process was so easy, he really led me by the hand helping my vision come true. I couldnt be happier and my web customers rave about my site non-stop. They tell me how great it looks and how easy it is to maneuver around. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a creative, professional website. Shannon has really made my internet business take off.

Sarah Teresinski – Business Owner, Redeux Kidz

Shannon brings so much experience, knowledge and creativity to all of his graphic and web designs. He has taken every idea I've had and made it infinitely better! He has an innate ability to understand your core desire, incorporate your vision, and then create designs that magnify all your strengths in a professional, yet simple and user friendly way!He is the best investment you'll ever make in your business. Because of his amazing designs, I get compliments every week on my websites. They all want to know who designed them. Working with Shannon is inspiring and worth every cent!

Wendy Braun – Actor, Owner of Actor Inspiration

While Shannon was at BIOLASE we more than doubled in revenue from $18 million in 2001 to approximately $60 million in 2004. As Senior Graphics Designer of our in-house MARCOM group, Shannon was responsible for the design and production of a very wide range of sales, marketing and corporate projects. He worked directly with me daily for almost three years and was a hard working, loyal and dedicated employee who made significant contributions to the growth of the company. I have no doubt that he could do that for anyone.

Bill Brown – VP, BIOLASE, Inc.

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