Design & Branding

Your First Impression

Your future customer’s opinion of your company is often made in the first few seconds of viewing any of your marketing materials, which makes these materials extremely important. A major majority of your potential clients or customers will look at your website or marketing materials before they decide to do business with you. If your website or marketing materials do not immediately scream “professional, capable and experienced company”, they’ll move on to one that does.

By not updating your image with a more professional appearance, you are limiting your potential business growth. You may have the best products in the world or offer customer service that is light years ahead of your competition, but unless you can present an image of a superior company, you may never have the opportunity to prove it.

Professional Services for Branding & Design

Putting branding and design in the hands of a professional will return a far greater profit than the money you try to save by handling it yourself. Hiring the services of a professional graphic designer are needed much in the same way that you hire an accountant to handle your financial matters or an attorney to handle your legal matters.

Choosing colors, fonts and images can often seem simple but this is because people often choose what appeals to them and not necessarily to the mass audience you are trying to obtain.  True graphic design is about creating something that will illicit a particular response, whether it be to convey a message or to persuade a potential buyer.

An investment in true, professional design is an investment in your company. Most people have a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to their own industry. Unfortunately, many of them do not understand the impact their company branding makes and how critical it is to their marketing. This is where I come in.

Branding Works Even When You've Clocked Out

It’s your 24 hr personal customer service and sales rep providing your potential customers with the information they need to to take the next step in your company’s products or services. In order to do that effectively, your branding needs the touch of a professional designer. I have the experience to meet your needs quickly and affordably, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

List of Services

  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Brochures
  • Logos
  • Postcard Mailers
  • Branding and Letterhead
  • Cards and Invites
  • Print Ads
  • Web Ads
  • Signage
  • Event Materials
  • Packaging

Sites Developed in:

  • HTML (4/5) & CSS (3)
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Shopify (Liquid)
  • Sharepoint

Other Services

  • Powerpoints
  • Email Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Development

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