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Finding those moments that are cherished for years after they were taken is the most important thing a photographer’s job entails. However easy it may seem, the experience of the photographer helps create those moments; snapping the shutter and framing it at that perfect time. Whether you are posing for a shot or creating a candid event or experience, feel comforted that The Pixel Studio will capture what’s most important to you.

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Melanie and don

The goal for most of us is to find that ONE special someone and live happily ever after. The photographer’s job is to capture the moment when the two souls join as one. The camera becomes the storyteller and takes you on a visual journey full of emotion and beauty. Let The Pixel Studio narrate your fairy tale and enjoy your happily ever after. We also offer video packages for an unprecedented account of your special day.

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collagen sip

One might think that a stationary object would be easier to photograph when compared to live, moving objects or persons. The contrary is actually true. Positioning a product at its best angle, in its best light, takes time and patience. There is an art to presenting a product at its most appealing representation. Creating the environment for the product to feed off of is crucial for the photographer. If you are looking to visually maximize your product’s profitability, contact The Pixel Studio to assist you.

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  • Wedding & Engagement Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Baby and Child Photography
  • Maternity Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Headshots
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  • On-Location Portrait & Family Session……$150*
    *Session times last up to hour and a half, $50/hr for additional time
  • Product Photography…….starting at $40/per product*
    *editing on white background
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  • Photo Sessions starting at……$1450
    Please call or email me for details
  • Custom a la carte pricing available.
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